Audit Reports

The Financials

As a non-profit organization Riverview Retirement Center, a community for 55 and older in Spokane we share these documents with you! We want to be transparent about how we utilize our funds to improve care, experiences and lifestyle at Riverview.

Audit Reports

Riverview Audit Report for Year Ended December 31, 2023 – 12-month Financials ended December 31, 2023.
2023 Report

Riverview Audit Report for Year Ended December 31, 2022 – 12-month Financials ended December 31, 2022
2022 Report

Note: New Audit Reports usually appear in June or July of the following year. The 2024 Audit Report will be posted in July of 2025.

Why does Riverview share these Financials?
As a tax-exempt public charity, Riverview embraces the values of accountability and transparency as a matter of ethical leadership, as well as legal compliance. As leaders of this not-for-profit we know that¬†financial transparency¬†will help preserve the important trust community members and donors place in our not-for-profit senior living community in Spokane. Additionally, and no less importantly, conduct that is accountable and transparent earns employees’ trust and creates a positive workplace culture.

Our Financial Philosophy at Riverview is:
Be candid about the tax-exempt status of Riverview Retirement Community.
Be transparent about who serves on the Board of Directors.
Be stewards of our resources and honor our residents.