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Riverview Hometown Friendly

Interested in learning more about our Hometown Friendly way of life? Please tell us about yourself below through our electronic form and we will contact you soon!

For further questions, please contact:

Riverview Front Desk(509) 483-6483

Lisa Egger – Office: (509) 482-8174

Vivan Bazan – Office: (509) 482-9588


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    Please note that residency in Riverview Village does not guarantee future placement in Riverview’s other divisions: Riverview Terrace, Riverview Memory Care or Riverview Group Homes. Each division has its own specific medical and financial qualifications for admission. Additionally, please be aware that a willful divestment or disposal of your financial resources in an effort to qualify prematurely for state assistance may render you ineligible for admission to other Riverview divisions.