Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Riverview Retirement Community offers one of the few rehabilitation centers that provides aquatic therapy.  Our residents enjoy our aquatic multiplex every day.  We teach aquatic exercise classes like water aerobics, resistance walking and Ai-Qi-Chin.  These classes are open to the public. In addition, we have a therapy pool, heated to 92 degrees, that is used for aquatic physical therapy.   We have a licensed water therapist to assist 100% in the pool for those clients needing aquatic therapy.

To find out more about water fitness classes:  
Riverview Retirement Community Fitness and Aquatic Center: 509-482-8589

To find out more about Aquatic Therapy:
Riverview Therapy: 509-482-8191

What to Expect from Aquatic Therapy

Exercising in water is easier and less painful on joints, and warm water has many therapeutic benefits.   As with every type of physical therapy, there will be an initial assessment and a plan will be tailored to your health needs.  This type of therapy is a usually two to eight visits and the goal is to progress into land-based rehabilitation.

What does Aquatic Therapy Help With?

Increases your ability to participate in weight bearing activities like:
– Walking
– Improving balance
– Extending flexibility
– Strengthening of core muscles, including improvements from low-back pain
– Reducing chronic pain and easing stiffness from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.